Meet Nicole, Stuffed Animal Doctor

Nicole Adams started the Stuffed Animal Clinic of Madison in 2021. She loves helping, repairing and reconstructing seriously injured or sick stuffed animals and dolls.

For many children, a stuffed animal is a best friend, and for adults, a saved lovie can bring back pleasant memories. When something happens to a special stuffed animal, it can be devastating, which is where Nicole steps into the picture. 

Using hypoallergenic detergent, dish soap and baking soda, she thoroughly cleans each stuffed animal until it looks brand new, or pretty close. Her common repairs include sewing up tears, replacing missing eyes or noses, torn limbs and brushing out matted hair.

Nicole understands children don’t want to be separated from their favorite stuffed friend for long, so she sends pictures of the patient to the caregiver to share. Each patient is meaningful to Nicole and she works diligently to get the job completed as well and quickly as possible. She’s a perfectionist and will not clear a lovie to leave her care until she’s satisfied with it’s condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Madison, Alabama

Yes. Though the customer will be required to pay for all shipping costs.

The Stuffed Animal Clinic does not repair the following:

  • Porcelain dolls
  • Mechanical dolls or toys (voice boxes, lights, etc.)
  • Plastic toys, Barbies or other all plastic dolls and action figures
  • Cannot replace doll hair (we can comb and straighten doll hair)

Hypoallergenic detergent, dish soap and baking soda are the most common cleaning ingredients used.

Credit cards, Venmo and cash (local only)

Payment is due before work begins.

Local customers must schedule a drop off. Drop offs will be arranged through email.

Shipping instructions will be given to out of town customers through email.

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